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Thread: Book went missing from bag, then reappeared next day

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    Book went missing from bag, then reappeared next day

    I bought the DragonFireShield book, then kept it in my bag whilst I leveled from 105 to 106.
    Then sometime later i checked my bag and it was gone. I thought I misplaced it somehow so I bought another DragonFireShield book and used it.

    I log in today and my original DragonFireShield book has reappeared!

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    it disappeared again, and reappeared when I relogged.

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    Re: Book went missing from bag, then reappeared next day

    Your bag has 46 spaces, 40 of them in your main 'bag' and 6 'belt'

    Only some items that can be used from the belt will show up there, but sometimes items will end up occupying those spaces so you won't see them.

    To fix it press ctrl-r which reloads and sorts your bag

    Theres an announcement ingame that explains this regularly
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