Hello I would like to appologize to Scorpion for my posts on these forums about p69. I understand it feels like balls ache, i saw a sparkle of hope when you changed our spells, i now realize it was only a QoL and that this does not mean there will be anything content wise coming up.

Soz for everything i've posted on here i did not mean it in an offensive way, all i was trying to do is motivate you to update p69, But you know me i'm an emotional person so sometimes my emotions get in the way when i'm trying to ask for something . If you read them again you can see me trying my best.

As you wish i won't be posting on forums again, not even bugs afterall p69 is "end of life" :/ >.<

Bye, still will be playing the game though. ❤︎ I owe you a great amount of respect for keeping the server up all these years tyvm, and i'm very grateful. ❤︎

Feel free to delete my older forum posts if you wish, you have my consent i totally don't care anymore at this point and will happily play the server for what it is.