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Thread: Auction House (again)

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    Auction House (again)

    I know we're like a broken record these days, but this is something that hits us all from time to time and is way worse during/after events.

    The AH really needs a more advanced filtering system, it's impossible to sell essences at the moment because it's full of people putting in useless ones for silly inflated prices. There's pages and pages of essences that are no use to anyone being offered for 15-60gg each, nobody is ever going to buy them and all it does is make it impossible for anyone with genuinely good ones to sell them.

    I guess we can use stalls, but that's not always convenient.

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    Re: Auction House (again)

    Yeah stuff gets buried in seconds. Getting annoyed with people trying to get 10gg for a 1 star des/ess.

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    Re: Auction House (again)

    The ten page limit is deffo a problem.

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    Re: Auction House (again)

    I will try and find some time to look into this over the next few weeks but there's other things ongoing at the moment

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    Re: Auction House (again)

    Even if it was just the 10 page limit as a short fix as very aware the whole system needs overhaul that will take a lot of time

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