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I'd be more inclined to stop the sale of gg/charas/items for .

Seem's to be the new thing now. Hypatia was sold by orig to Chenghan, Chenghan sold the account on to DarkStyle? Scorp recovered and gave back to Orig, Despite previously saying, "if a character has been sold it would be suspend and not returned". Then we have Jnavl selling Chenghan account to Roy. That's just the start...

Fuji, Makes more money than scorp does these days. Server's becoming pay to win.
Lmaooooooo i love you synopses on how i come to play cheng ive heard a few now and yours is the funniest, why on earth would i buy a char that can be taken back at any given time, also why would i buy the char from jnavl when i know it belonga to cheng, you lot need to get over the fact i actually have friends from other servers and am not limited to the community on arcadia, suck it up
Buttercups. Xoxo

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At least someone else's eyes are open.

Dirty dealings... back hand GG selling... People sharing, stealing, stripping down characters and selling outside of the game for real .

The server seems to be developing into an elite group of a** holes which all use each others accounts, steal from each other, break server rules, camp bosses and threaten admins with PayPal chargebacks/consequences if anyone dares punish them.

Whilst items and GG store items are becoming so P2W that some items have an GG/IRL value of like 200, some peoples kits have value of over 1000.. wtf?
Nobody could retrieve there money spent on GG via paypal Or any other means so dont assume for a second scorp takes any of those threats seriously.