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Thread: Paying for an event???

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    Paying for an event???

    Wow why has this been put in for an event?

    Lower level players can have zero GP's.
    Never seen supers or champions on low level maps or caves......

    Where can wizards go to retame their pets without having to come out of the map and not have pets stolen by other players
    So wizards need to pay each time pets need retaming?
    Yes they can top them up but that's standing somewhere safe again.
    And if they are killed by mobs or pk'd they then have to leave the map to get new pets and then repay to get back in again!
    This is not fair on Wizards as Taos and Warriors do not have that problem.

    Where do you purchase tt's or rt's as none were on sale inside the few shops area?

    Only seen the first floor so far but where's any space for hunting in

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    Oh found the rt's and tt's npc lol

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    Re: Paying for an event???

    finding blues and gold's is hard enuf, but 1 GP per kill might get in event by xmas lol
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