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Thread: freezing out

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    freezing out

    Hi Andy.

    for the past month or so I keep freezing out the game, it seems to happen say, I am hunting I go back to bw and that's fine I then go any other map I stand still for 2 seconds I freeze out the game. every time I go into a cave then back to town I will freeze out. I have followed step by step guide you have set up to downloading the game but yet it keeps happening. I don't tame pets no more as I just freeze out if I find one. please help

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    Re: freezing out

    Hi Ben,

    Sorry for the delayed response, I'm not an admin but might be able to help if it's a Windows issue.

    Can you please check your system resources around the time of the game freezing? I suspect it'll be ok but it's a great place to start. Can you also try running in windowed mode or lower res to see if it happens?

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